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About Us

Stourbridge is one of the oldest and famous cities in all of England. It is a place where people frequently pay a visit to meet their loved ones and roam around the city for its exotic locations. It is also an important place for business which is why several travelers visit the city. However, with public transport always creating issues such as missing a bus and waiting half an hour for another one or not finding taxis in Stourbridge on time have created conveyance issues for the people. That is where Stourbridge Taxis step in and save the day for you with our brilliant services.

Online Booking:

With the collaboration of Click-4-Cab we have started a whole new trend in taxi hiring, which is that you can book our taxis online. With the outburst of the internet Stourbridge Taxi decided to take full advantage of it and therefore decided to allow our customers use of some of the state of the art online booking system. All you have to do is go to our website and tell us the time and place that you want your Taxi Stourbridge and it will be there at the exact time and place you will tell us. A confirmation email from us will ensure you of a booking.

Quality and Standard:

Stourbridge taxis always make sure that our cars are state of the art and that our standard of service is always above the rest. Below is the variety of Stourbridge cars that we have at your service 24/7:
-          BMW
-          Mercedes
-          SUVs
-          Minivans
-          Cabs
-          And many more…

All of these cars are state of the art and they are kept very clean all the time. Similarly they are also kept very well maintained so that Stourbridge Taxis doesn’t provide you with any chance of complain what so ever.


There are many questions that our online website cannot help you with which is why we have other channels to communicate with our customers as well. A healthy feedback system in our taxis provides you the opportunity to give us your valuable feedback which we always put into good use. We also have a customer care center where correspondents are on the line to answer each and every query that you have and can ask about it on call. Stourbridge taxis take its customers along with it.


We have always made sure that the representatives of Stourbridge taxis who are the drivers are always the best in the city. They are extremely experienced and are always on the go just for your convenience. They keep their Stourbridge Taxi extremely representable and are always sober as we make sure the shifts are overseen properly. 

Such services make it clear whatever you want to know about us, which is why you shouldn’t think anymore before hiring our driver and taxi for your convenience and have a great time in the city of Stourbridge and cherish it forever.

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